Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Hi there an welcome to a montly blog by this brick building.

I still have to finish my previous Blogs so they can be published and that chapter of my life is done and dusted. Put a pin it as they say.

It has been a busy year attended the Yorkshire Brick Show, Mowbray brick Show and Bricktastic. All with my version of the Dawn of Justice Batcave.  All great shows and well attended.

Had a RLUG trip to Billund, and met some of the fantastic LEGO Community engagement team, as well as going on the factory tour and exploring Billund itself. More about that later on.

So next up is Brick Lincs in just over a week, again looking forward to this one and catching up with friends..

So what has kept me so busy apart from the above mentioned events and trip?  Well moving house is the big one. Moved in March and just about there with unpacking sorting etc.  Started on the LEGO room and that is coming along nicely, but have so much LEGO to sort. Will be doing a BLOG or VLOG on that soon.  Connor and I published our first test review of a set on YouTube and its not perfect but its a start to the format we are looking at publishing our reviews. The studio now needs a full set up and testeing so Connor can bring you his stop motion LEGO videos.

So much more to come and will be doing my Billund BLOG next.

Thanks for reading,